When interviewed for Esquire Magazine, Sofia Vergara denied that she has had plastic surgery. She claimed that women who perform plastic surgery is a fool, freak, and in the end they will look older than real age. She said that to fix little things here and there, maybe. To look […]

Rose McGowan had a car accident in her 30s old. In the car accident, her glasses had sliced under her eye. And this injury is the reason why she did some plastic surgery. Although injuries from the accident under his eyes have been fixed with plastic surgery, but it looks […]

Do you remember Laura Ingalls Wilder on the television show Little House on the Prairie? Yes, we know that little Laura played by Melissa Gilbert. Howdy Melissa Gilbert, I think she has lots of change in her body. Is she doing plastic surgery or rather than just growing up? Her […]

Plastic surgery is not always going to give satisfactory results. Often the work under the knife give disappointing effect, there will be big changes in ourselves. One of the effects of plastic surgery is we will lose our lives, we will be different people, and perhaps many people do not […]

In 23 years old, Amanda Bynes success in her Nickelodeon program, the Amanda show. Amanda Bynes has lots of abilities like singing, dancing, and acting. Amanda still seems to have full lips and chipmunk cheeks. Many people think that she has had some plastic surgery like fillers or implant. But […]

In 32 years old, the New Girl star Zooey Deschanel was caught on camera in red carpet event. Her appearances looks different than before and her fans wondered that Zooey Deschanel has had some plastic surgery procedures. But they also not sure that she did it, is this the result […]

Meg Ryan, a beautiful American actress that has cute blonde hair reported take bad decision for her body. She has been reported to have some cosmetic surgery in her forties. This is a really bad mistake because the result of this plastic surgery makes her unrecognizable. Meg Ryan looks to […]

Are you a fan of popular 90s television show, Saved by the Bell? If you know this television show, you recently know Lisa Turtle. Lisa Turtle has played by Lark Voorhies, and she stunned her fans at the cast reunion in a recent interview with her plastic surgery-looking appearance. When […]

The Jersey Shore’s Jenni “Jwoww” reported to have some plastic surgery for her sexy appearances. She likely had breast augmentations or breast implant and also do liposuction. These plastic surgery results can be looked by some photos that published some time ago. In 24 years old, She has less time […]

When appeared on Wendy Williams show, Aubrey O Day was 24 and she denied having plastic surgery. But when we noticed her wrinkle-free face, it indicated that Aubrey has had Botox or other cosmetic surgery. At her young age, Aubrey is known that she is a candidate for Botox. Besides […]