The stubborn layer of extra skin which develops underneath the jawline often includes some of the trickiest fat cells to shift. Double chins can be the Kryptonite which destroys self confidence, and most people are forced to go under the knife to get rid of it. But a new treatment which […]

Cyclist left for dead after collision AN aspiring ironman who suffered a broken shoulder blade and ribs when a dog jumped in front of him on a bike trail in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs is fuming the animal’s owner left without calling an ambulance. The dog was off-lead in an area […]

Look at this headline in the Telegraph of London: “NHS provokes fury with indefinite surgery ban for smokers and obese” “NHS” stands for the National Health Service. It’s their government-run health monopoly. And according to their own statistics, between 30 and 40 per cent of Brits won’t be allowed to […]

This map by, shows the variety of different plastic surgeries Googled by people in the United States. HAMPTON ROADS, Va. – There are many different types of plastic surgery, but the most common one Googled by those in the Commonwealth is Coolsculpting, according to

Need some help with your hunger?Erik Jonsson/EyeEm/Getty By Alice Klein A protein injection that decreases appetite helps obese monkeys to slim down fast and cuts their risk of diabetes. Excitement is growing about a protein called GDF15, which naturally regulates body weight in humans and animals. When extra amounts are […]

Twenty seven years old Audrina Patridge said she felt pressure and sick of plastic surgery rumor that floated around her life. I know it because she is too young for the plastic surgery. But her pictures that spreading on the internet and how she is always being a spotlighted gossip […]

Thousands of Australian women are rushing to go under the knife in ambitious quests to emulate the newly trending ‘plump rumps’ of their celebrity icons. The rounded derrieres famously sported by Australian rapper Iggy Azalea and Kim Kardashian are believed to have inspired a generation of impressionable women. More women […]

A woman whose spent £200,000 on plastic surgery has admitted she’s addicted and will never stop going under the knife, despite botched procedures including a rhinoplasty that caused her nose to collapse.  Star Delgiudice, 28, from Birmingham is already planning her next procedure – bum implants and fat transfer to […]