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Round up the usual suspects, the public cried, as Hollywood promised to clean all the sexual harassers, bullies and general examples of toxic masculinity out of its closet. This turned out to be even easier than it sounded because all we needed to do, it transpired, was to round up the actual Usual Suspects, as in the star and director of The Usual Suspects, Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer. Chazz Palminteri, I reckon even you could have solved this one without smashing your coffee cup, given that Gabriel Byrne recently revealed that the production of The Usual Suspects was briefly shut down because of “inappropriate sexual behaviour by Spacey”. The Usual Suspects, incidentally, was made in 1994, meaning it took – gets out calculator – 23 years before Spacey was finally called out on his widely known behaviour. Remind me again, guys, how unfair life is for white men these days?

Anyway, if there was one person in Hollywood who was the subject of more rumours over the past decade than Spacey, that person is Singer. The late and increasingly lamented Gawker, which dropped large and largely ignored hints about a lot of the male celebrities now being revealed as sexual pond scum, went after Singer with a vengeance in its day, accusing him of being a predator and worse. Amy Berg’s 2014 documentary, An Open Secret, about child sex abuse in the film industry, alleged that Singer attended parties held by Marc Collins-Rector, known for throwing hedonistic parties where underaged boys were in attendance. Collins-Rector later pled guilty to transporting minors across state lines for the purpose of sex, but the various lawsuits filed over the years against Singer alleging child sex abuse were all dismissed. So news from the set of the beleaguered Queen biopic (Queen as in Freddie Mercury, not Elizabeth Windsor, for the record) that Singer had thrown what was described as “an object” at star Rami Malek sounded, quite frankly, like a relatively wholesome infraction allegedly committed by the director. Although, to be fair, we don’t actually know what the object is. Suggestions on a postcard and then thrown in a septic tank, thanks.

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