Cameron Diaz Rumored has Multiple Plastic Surgery

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40 years old American actress who gained international recognition when stared at My Best Friend’s Wedding, Cameron Diaz rumored has multiple plastic surgery procedures. Of course this woman who recently appeared on Gambit, denies each rumor of multiple plastic surgery that was accused of her. Cameron Diaz was accused has rhinoplasty, breast implant, Botox and dermal filler to enhance her appearance. Cameron Diaz denies each multiple plastic surgery rumor that was accused of her. She only admits has nose job or Rhinoplasty done based on medical reasons. But it’s hard to believe that Cameron Diaz hasn’t plastic surgery done since her physical appearance that bit changing from time to time.

Cameron Diaz Nose Job

Cameron Diaz has ever admitted she has rhinopalsty or nose job done due medical reason. The reason is because of deviated septum that seems disturbing the breathing process. The rhinoplasty was conducted by by Dr. Raj Kanodia who also handle Jennifer Aniston and Ashlee Simpson nose job. Based on that fact, then people won’t believe that  Cameron Diaz has conducted Rhinoplasty just based on medical reasons. If it’s just for medical reasons and repair the septum, she doesn’t have to reshape her nose. Compared than before, Cameron Diaz nose looks more pinched, thinner and pointed at the nasal tip. She used to have a wider nasal board that now changing into something cramped and pointed. The nasal bridge looks straighter compared to before make Cameron Diaz nose looks more defined and sculptured. But even though Cameron Diaz has admitted about Rhinoplasty, a Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer still doubts her confession. Its because the doctor said there are no sign of Rhinoplasty on her face because of Cameron Diaz nose very natural and looking great.

Cameron Diaz Breast Implant

Breast Implant
We know that even though Cameron Diaz is good looking, attractive and sexy but her breast seems to make her feel insecure. It’s because Cameron Diaz genes don’t give her much benefit of big protruding breast. Her breast seems small and perky which is leaving much space on her chest. But recently this woman looks curvier with much protruding and bit provocative breast compared than before. Now Cameron Diaz breast looks a bit bigger but rounded and up make her looks even sexier than before. Even though it wasn’t the kind of aggressive breast implant, it’s likely that Cameron Diaz only takes moderation breast implant procedure to added extra volumes on her chest. A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer believe that Cameron Diaz has taken some conservative breast implant procedure. The doctor guessing the implant or collagen probably in the high 200s to the low 300cc range. That’s why her breast looks not too big but quite fulled and tougher that really great and suits to her body.

Botox and Facial Fillers
Cameron Diaz denies multiple plastic surgery procedure but it’s likely that she has minor facial work done by putting herself under the needle through Botox and facial filler. Sometimes we may notice Cameron Diaz forehead looks immobile and frozen as an indication she has regular Botox injection. But overall she looks good with it because the Cameron Diaz facial skin looks elastic, toned and glowing. Botox also helps Cameron Diaz to disguise the wrinkle and aging lines so her face looks so smooth and younger. She also accused has facial filler like Sculptra or “liquid facelift” to smoothing the wrinkles that probably appears on areas around the eyes and lips, the mouth and nose, cheeks and neck areas. Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California agrees the speculation that Cameron Diaz has minor facial work. The doctor says that it’s true if Cameron Diaz neglected each multiple plastic surgery rumor that was accused of her. But it just kind of minor facial work done through Botox and facial filler that seem looks natural and good on her.

Cameron Diaz may sick of multiple plastic surgery rumor that was accused of her. But looking at how the result is wonderful, I think Cameron Diaz has taken so much benefit from it.

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