Obsessed to stay ageless not only infected women, as a prove you may compared entertainer Wayne Newton before and after plastic surgery picture. Well actually I won’t say anything since its common that plastic surgery before and after for celebrity including Wayne Newton case will leads pros and cons. But […]

Knowing hat her mother is bit obsessed to plastic surgery, surprisingly actress Melissa Rivers denies her plastic surgery before and after condition that leaked on the internet. We already know that Melissa Rivers’ mom Joan Rivers is best known with her multiple plastic surgery procedure. And now looking at Melissa […]

Actress Victoria Principal may denies about her before and after plastic surgery rumor with its picture that spreading in Internet. But even Victoria Principal denies the before and after plastic surgery rumor, her face has revealed everything and can’t be hide any longer. Like any other Hollywood celebrities, Victoria Principal […]

Its common for celebrity plastic surgery before after pics like at former model Hunter Tylo case, will leads pros and cons or even controversy among the public. Its wasn’t my capacity to said that Hunter Tylo after plastic surgery is much better than before or vice versa. But its the […]

By observing at singer Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery before and after picture that widely spreading on the internet, there you see how drastically she has been changed. Even though Jennifer Lopez never admits, even arguing about plastic surgery rumor especially her before and after picture, but the fact and her […]

Being good looking men makes actor Tom Cruise hardly separated from plastic surgery rumor, moreover since his before and after photos said so. Media journalist reported that Tom Cruise has drastic changed appearance before and after his name widely heard. Actor Tom Cruise may hasn’t admitted about plastic surgery rumor […]

Seeing the picture of actress Madeleine Stowe before and after plastic surgery, we can conclude that plastic surgery is the best decisions she has been taken. It’s because if sometime plastic surgery will botch or change somebody, in Madeleine Stowe case she looks much better than before. Madeleine Stowe who […]

By looking at film actress Ashley Judd before and after plastic surgery picture, it’s probably that she has a bit overdo this procedure. Ashley Judd recent appearance almost makes us forget this 44 years old woman once said as the sexiest and slimmest woman in America. Her pretty face used […]

There is a lot of plastic surgery rumor that was accused to female rapper  Lil Kim, but her nose job before and after being the most spotlighted one. Lil Kim ever made her fans in shock with her new appearance that much to look like actress Latoya Jackson, but she […]

After comparing Jessica Lange plastic surgery before and after picture, some people said that she has taken the wrong way. It’s because Jessica Lange seems botched her face instead of make it much better and younger. Jessica Lange plastic surgery before and after picture lead pros and cons among the […]