‘Coming Out in Religion: Queer Actress-Writer Fawzia Mirza on Embracing ‘Muslimness’

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Last month LGBT Americans observed National Coming Out Day, which serves as a call to be out and proud and a recognition that showcasing your identity is an empowering act that can also help change anti-LGBT attitudes. But one’s religious beliefs can sometimes complicate coming out. The Advocate has interviewed people from a variety of faiths about how their religion affected their coming-out and vice versa. In the second in this series, we speak to a Muslim actress and writer.

Don’t try to tell Fawzia Mirza she can’t be queer and Muslim.

“I just find that deeply problematic,” says the Chicago-based actress and writer, who’s built an extensive stage and screen résumé. “No one can tell me I am not who I am. I have tried to transcend all the misconceptions and claim this identity for myself.”

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