Former Model Hunter Tylo Before and After Plastic Surgery

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Its common for celebrity plastic surgery before after pics like at former model Hunter Tylo case, will leads pros and cons or even controversy among the public. Its wasn’t my capacity to said that Hunter Tylo after plastic surgery is much better than before or vice versa. But its the public right to said their opinion about Hunter Tylo plastic surgery before and after facts. 50 years old former model Hunter Tylo that also appears on CBS Daytime television soap opera called The Bold and the Beautiful was accused has breast and lip augmentation by compared her before and after pictures. By looking at Hunter Tylo before and after picture, people will has difference opinion. Some says she looks good after plastic surgery, another party said she look even better before the procedure done. Hunter Tylo herself just remain silent and shy away every time asked about her plastic surgery before and after picture that leaked on the internet.

Hunter Tylo Breast

Breast Augmentation
By compared Hunter Tylo before and after picture, there are speculation that saying this woman has breast augmentation. Hunter Tylo probably has breast augmentation to refined her breast size and shape. Its likely that Hunter Tylo has breast augmentation to defined her breast size getting well and better. Compare than before, Hunter Tylo breast looks bit bigger but not overdo and provocative. Its likely that Hunter Tylo conducted breast augmentation to prevent that parts getting slaked down and saggy since she is already 50 now. Overall Hunter Tylo new breast not very provocative but there is a bit slightly changing both in size and shape at that part by compared before and after condition.

Hunter Tylo Lip

Lip Augmentation
The most spotlighted plastic surgery procedure before and after condition that obviously looked at Hunter Tylo is about lip augmentation rumor. Seeing Hunter Tylo lip that probably after lip augmentation looks bit unnatural and weird. It just too wide and large with over filled condition that make Hunter Tylo lip looks like a cartoon character. Her  lip just too big and very wider for Hunter Tylo face, gave her weird and odd appearance because of this condition. Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer seems agrees that Hunter Tylo plastic surgery after lip augmentation looks very worst and weird compared than before. The doctor says that Hunter Tylo lip looks over filled look like Jessica Rabbit has. But plastic surgeon Dr David Shafer says overall Hunter Tylo still looks good with it. Almost similar opinion was delivered by Plastic surgeon Dr Sherrell J Aston. By compared Hunter Tylo plastic surgery before and after especially for the lip augmentation procedure he said that this woman is bit over aggressive about this procedure. The doctor says that after lip augmentation, Hunter Tylo lip looks very unnatural and asymmetric.

Hunter Tylo may remain silent about the rumor of plastic surgery before and after even her picture and her recent condition was being spotlighted. But among those all, I think Hunter Tylo still has great confidence and guts to stand still in front of public no matter how good or bad her recent condition.

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