How injectable fillers affect lower eyelids

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Question: Can problems ever occur with injectable fillers in the lower eyelid area?

Answer: A patient came in complaining of lower lid swelling and was seeking a surgical solution. She told me she’d had a facelift (without eyelid surgery) and since then, had puffiness in both lower lids. Her surgeon told her it would go away. She was not sure if temporary fillers were injected into her lids at the time of surgery.

On examination, I could tell this wasn’t normal fatty lower lid bags and that it was not typical eyelid swelling. I could also feel that the area wasn’t quite normal. We discussed some options and decided to inject the area with an enzyme that dissolves the most commonly used fillers. The results were instantaneous and amazing. The swelling disappeared and the lower lid area looked normal again. We are now making plans to correct her fatty bags with a lower lid cosmetic surgery.

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