It’s another beautiful, sunny day here on Long Island, and I write this to you from my parents’ home. Every Tuesday and Friday, I visit my hometown of Port Washington, and work with my grandmother on rehab from hip replacement surgery last summer, and my dad on improving his strength, […]

An overweight recycling manager has told how he dropped a staggering 13 stone amid fears he would suffer heart attack or stroke. Barrie McRorie, 29, from Netherton, North Lanarkshire, revealed how his weight fluctuated throughout his childhood before ballooning uncontrollably to 24 stone after he lost his job. He found comfort […]

A Canada woman is reclaiming her life after she let it spiral out of control as food became her coping mechanism to deal with childhood trauma of sexual abuse and bullying and saw her tip the scales at 320lbs. But one decision in 2011 changed Ashley Amaral’s life in the […]

User Rating: 29% 1 + – 1001 Zerona Fat Loss Laser Treatment is a fat loss procedure using cold-laser techniques. You have to visit one of their centers and get multiple treatments in order for it to be safely administered. They have published studies and the procedure is approved by the […]

MEDIUM TERM POST BARIATRIC SURGERYT SOFT FOODS If you do not experience any problems with the Stage ‘Fluids’ regime then you will quickly move onto the .LONG TERM POST BARIATRIC SURGERYT THE FUTURE FOOD FOR LIFE Only when you are able to tolerate a good variety of foods from Stage […]

Dumping syndrome is common after gastric surgery. It is a group of symptoms that may result from having part of your stomach removed or from other surgery involving .What is Dumping Syndrome? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention andt. Dumping syndrome is actually cl.ified as one of those gastrointestinal diseases..Dumping syndrome […]

Eva Longoria Plastic surgery is about lip fillers,t implants, rhinoplasty and Botox. She rose to fame in Desperate housewives show. She is a popular.Eminem biography on Rolling Stone, your go to source for artist bios, news, and reviews..As Eminem’s reputation grew, he was recruited by several rap groups the first […]

Bariatric surgery does not guarantee The followingtary guidelines will be necessary for a successful There are stages in yourt plan after surgery..Bariatric surgeryt. What to eat after bariatric surgery.t after bariatric surgery.t after weight loss surgery.t after Lap Band surgery..SLEEVE GASTRECTOMYT STAGES The first year after surgery is a critical […]

Follow our guidelines for the proper soft foodt phase for patients after bariatric surgery. Tips include suggested food, samples menus hydration..Whether you’re a bariatric surgery patient, diabetic or health nut, shop MyBariatricPantry today for low carb, high protein snack, meals, deserts more!.Phase I Liquidt Guidelines after your operation. You will […]