Miss Butterworth’s weight loss journey, documented on Asheville Humane Society’s Facebook page, has earned her a celebrity status around town. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff) ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — A local dog has developed a following of fans as she goes through her weight loss journey. Miss Butterworth first came to the […]

Today is World Obesity day, with the theme “Treat Obesity now and avoid the consequences later” but despite all the attention paid to cutting out the risk factors and nipping the dangers of sudden death that could result from it in the bud, a significant portion of the population is […]

Hay is almost the perfect food for horses—most varieties offer the right balance of protein, fiber, nutrients and energy to keep the average horse healthy. The key word there is “almost.” One nutrient that hay may not provide in sufficient quantity is vitamin E. This essential nutrient is present in […]

A Canada woman is reclaiming her life after she let it spiral out of control as food became her coping mechanism to deal with childhood trauma of sexual abuse and bullying and saw her tip the scales at 320lbs. But one decision in 2011 changed Ashley Amaral’s life in the […]

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