Weight loss is not easy. That’s obvious. However, many have successfully lost large amounts of weight and kept it off long term. These 10 people have shared what weight loss strategies had the biggest impact for them, and how you can use them too. Their weight loss before and after photos are […]

Everything has its limits — even for Mariah Carey. After an unrelenting tide of fat jokes and body-shaming from online trolls and “uninspired” shows brought on by fatigue, Mariah recently underwent gastric sleeve surgery for weight loss to regain the body confidence she once enjoyed, according to a new report. […]

A woman has taken a stand against conventional beauty standards by celebrating her stretch marks and loose skin while posing for a stunning photoshoot that highlights her astonishing 175-pound weight loss. Christine Carter, 29, from Dallas, Texas had gastric sleeve surgery in August 2014, and has since gone from a […]