Cindy McLillie can tell you breast cancer doesn’t always present itself in the form of a lump or even show up on a mammogram. A stickler for regular mammograms, she  had always had good results, so when she noticed a small dimple on her breast, she thought nothing of it. […]

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Stephanie Collier of Nettleton shares her story about her breast cancer detection, surgery and recovery. Collier is a licensed social worker with the Family Resource Center of North Mississippi. The word “cancer” is something that no one wants to hear. Cancer is a […]

Vials of synthetic silk, which Spiber, Inc. hopes to spin into parkas and car seat fabric. KIYOSHI OTA/BLOOMBERG VIA GETTY IMAGES By Robert F. ServiceOct. 18, 2017 , 9:00 AM The hype over spider silk has been building since 1710. That was the year François Xavier Bon de Saint Hilaire, […]

Normal breast development starts while a baby is in the uterus. By DR FLO More by this Author Dr Flo, my six-year-old daughter’s breasts have started growing. I consulted a doctor who said that it is okay, but I’m worried because my daughter is not fat, but her breasts are […]

A mother-of-one who thought she was preserving her health by opting for a double mastectomy has revealed how instead she almost lost her life to a flesh-eating bug.  Alicia Wertez, 37, decided to have the drastic breast surgery after doctors found pre-cancerous cells but just 38 days later after the […]

D.A was just 32 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2016. The news broke her and her first thought was of her newborn as she has just delivered. However, Diana’s fighter spirit and the right time her cancer was luckily diagnosed helped her survive. “I […]