A showing rider has shed eight stone after deciding to have gastric bypass surgery for the welfare of her horse. Amanda Firman, 51, from Hartfield in Sussex, was concerned she was too heavy for her show hunter Ted and was also desperate to lose weight for the sake of her […]

Whereas liposuction was once the primary treatment to trim body fat, newer techniques have emerged in recent years that provide noninvasive body contouring. CoolSculpting is the most recognized as it’s received significant media attention, reports Dr. Mark McKenna, a physician and entrepreneur who regularly blogs about medical breakthroughs. CoolSculpting and […]

It was a nice, fall day here on Long Island, and it’s been a whirlwind! Granted, some of that whirlwind is on me — Thursdays are my lightest work day of the week, where I don’t have any obligations until noon. I usually sleep a little later than usual (7:30–8 AM), and […]

“Mrs. Kelly, can you come back in?” the doctor’s assistant asked. “There’s an irregular reading in your blood work. You might have diabetes.” I was 38 years old and although overweight, had no known health problems. Diabetes didn’t run in my family. I didn’t eat a lot of junk food, […]

Mama June: From Not to Hot — and still hot! Mama June Shannon vowed to “never going back” to being overweight and she appears to have kept her word. The reality star, 38, was spotted in Atlanta, Georgia, on Monday, showing off her trim figure seven months after revealing she dropped 300 lbs. in […]

These photos show the astonishing results of an ‘extreme tummy tuck’ procedure, carried out by one of the few specialist surgeons in the world. Gary Ross, based at the private BMI Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, Stockport, Manchester, is one of only a handful of specialists in the whole world to […]