BRITT MANN Last updated 05:00, November 19 2017 LAWRENCE SMITH/STUFF Amelia Fitzgerald* says she knew she could get back to her normal shape after having three children with diet and exercise, but all the running and strength training in the world was not going to change her breasts. At 39, marketing […]

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FDA is cracking down on illegal products intended to boost the size of a person’s breasts, butt, or other body parts. “We have significant concerns with unsafe injectable silicone that’s being marketed for body contouring by unlicensed providers. We’ve seen serious adverse events result from products, which are sometimes industrial-grade […]

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Groupe SEBBIN SAS, one of the foremost leaders in France breast implants market, has apparently announced that it has just brought an inclusion phase to a closure – a phase that includes the clinical study of nearly 1,000 patients depicting breast augmentation or reconstruction. For the record, Groupe SEBBIN has […]

.t Augmentation Cost Jackson MS.t Augmentation Cost in Jackson MS will vary depending on a variety of factors. The costociated witht augmentation .Also known as “augmentation mammaplasty,”t augmentation surgery is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the volume and shape of the…t implants add volume to existingt tissue to create a […]