Last Update: Amy Schumer plastic surgeries

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Amy Schumer plastic surgeries

Amy Beth Schumer was born in 1981; the renowned actress, standup comedian and producer hit the film industry with her standup comedy “Inside Amy Schumer” that was well received and liked in the industry.

The 36 year old actress seems to be looking younger and younger each year. The question that has been hitting the social media time and again is “has Amy Schumer undergone any kind of plastic surgery?” The comedian and actress’s career continues to rise in the industry with each new success, looks as youthful as she was when she hit our air waves.

With this speculations, her fans have noted that the actress and comedian has fuller lips that they suspect could have been achieves through Botox and fillers injections. It has been speculated that the fuller lips are as a result of juvederm or restylane injections commonly used by other celebrities. Though the fans and the gossip mill have speculated about this, the famous actress has never confirmed any of these claims.

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