Last Update: Leah Remini Plastic Surgery: Forever Young Leah

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Leah Remini does not appear to have aged a day since her debut into Hollywood through the sitcom, King of Queens. This raised lots of questions about whether Leah Remini Plastic Surgery is true or not. The actress has slammed these rumors numerous times, crediting her ageless look to Botox. The actress is currently starring in a series, Scientology and Aftermath, that is about her former religion. She was born in Brooklyn and is a popular actress and comedian.

Is Leah Remini Plastic Surgery Just Botox or There is More?

According to renowned plastic surgeons, Leah has had filler on her cheeks and rhinoplasty that gives them a fuller look. It is no secret that the star is a fan of Botox . Looking at her before and after photos, it is hard to spot a difference and one can only wonder if the actress discovered the fountain of youth.

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