Last Update: Patrick Dempsey and his plastic surgeries

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Patrick Dempsey: Boy-Next-Door No More

Patrick Galen Dempsey was born on January 13, 1966. He is best known for the being the neurosurgeon Dr. DerekMcDreamyShepherd in the award-winning drama Grey’s Anatomy which landed him a nomination for Best Performance by an Action in a Television Series-Drama at the 2006 Golden Globes.

Despite being a talented artist, Dempsey was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was 12 years old. But his dreams are bigger than his handicap, and even entered the world of motor racing and proved that he is more than just an actor. But the entertainment industry is a battlefield of talents where the artist tries to prove they deserve a spot in the limelight.

At the premiere night of his movie – Maid of Honor, people could not help but notice the change in Dempsey. As a kid, Dempsey sported a nose with wide bridge and is big, woody and had a bulging tip. Now, he strides the road of Hollywood with a thinner nose with a more defined bridge and a curved tip.

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