When Sandra Bullock was 46 years old, she reported has Botox to keep young. Moreover, it seems she also has a nose job. This nose job helped to refine the tip and narrow the bridge, and with her new nose she looks better and more beautiful. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon […]

Goldie Hawn has been well known for her earlier career in television’s variety show Laugh-In. Ate her age 63 years old, she still looks young and sexy. It seems she has been helped by plastic surgery to keep her youthful look. In addition, she also likely had reduced the bags […]

You may be remember, at the age 35 years old, Christina Hendricks has made public wondered with her large breast. It seems she has had a breast augmentation to enhance her curves. When posed for Playboy, Christina Hendricks likely has breast augmentation with implant or silicone. Her weight gain also […]

The hot mama, Christina Aguilera still looks great and sexy although after giving birth. 27 years old mom, Christina Aguilera has dropped 40 pounds after giving birth. It seems she was doing some procedure to keep her appearances and get back into pre-pregnancy shape. What is the secret of her […]

It seems plastic surgery is more popular in the entertainment industry. Everyone who has been in this world should know about this procedure. Plastic surgery is identical with woman, beauty, and anti-aging. Usually woman does this procedure to keep her beauty and reduce the aging signs. When plastic surgery made […]

American Idol is one of the reality competition television show that have many fans. And in this competition, Steven Tyler played as a new judge. He was rumored following Simon Cowell’s footsteps to undergo plastic surgery. He likely has regular Botox injection and veneer teeth. In the 62 years old, […]

In the 1992 Lara Flynn Boyle played in Wayne’s World, and her appearances at that time looks so natural. She was a sweet innocent woman that untouched by the surgeon knife. When she was 38 years old, she appears again and brought new appearances. She likely has had plastic surgery […]

Ivanka Trump has been rumored to have had plastic surgery (breast implant). Some people like her buxom looks, but on the other hand her new breast is not match with her frame. Her new boobs look too large. Although she was pregnant and gaining weight, Ivanka’s breasts are still disproportionately […]

The famous singer and songwriter, Barry Manilow is one of American artist that more well known because of plastic surgery. Some songs that make his most famous such as “Could It Be Magic,” “Mandy,” “Can’t Smile Without You” and “Copacabana”. He has great collaboration with some top stars in his […]