Melanie Griffith seems to have been addicted to plastic surgery. She has done some plastic surgery and she wanted to do it again even though her husband Antonio Banderas has forbidden. Antonio Banderas even threatened to leave her if shehave surgery again. Beside cosmetic surgery such as Botox, it seems […]

Bar Refaeli is a very popular model with her beauty through plastic surgery. Starting her career from birth makes this blonde girl is always trying to look stunning in front of her fans. Reportedly, plastic surgery became one of her choice to form a body to make it look more […]

An actress who is often seen performing with blonde hair, Emily Procter, recently reported to have performed with many changes. Many people concluded that the artist has changed the appearance through plastic surgery. Emily does look different from the previous one in several parts of his body. If we compare […]

Julia Louis Dreyfus is a an American comedian, actress and also producer. Famous for appearances interestingly, Julia Louis became a debate crowds that is linking her with several plastic surgery procedures. At the age of 48 years, Louis still looks beautiful and younger than her age. Some sources such as […]

Megan Fox, the actress which known with her sexy and sensual lips has recently become a hot topic gossips about plastic surgery celebrities. No one thinks that her lips were the result of surgery. There were many media that mention her name; Allure Magazine (special edition of beauty) is the […]

A pretty and sexy woman who was born on the thirtieth of July 1964, Vivica Fox, recently has become a trend of some media gossip. Has known as Omar Slimm’s girl friend, Vivica Fox is one of the lists of thousand celebrities who interest to touch up the appearance through […]

Perhaps most of you may only consider that certain procedure such as plastic surgery may only popular among any women, right? This really a wrong assumption because there are many men as well who have applied such surgery. Among any name, I want to discuss about Rupert Everett. He has […]

What would you remember if you hear certain name such as Halle Berry actually? Well, you may notice that she has gained fame especially from X-Men movies as Storm. In the aspect of beauty and sexiness, she comes outstanding indeed. Yet, the question is whether she obtains such beauty naturally […]

Celebrities and plastic surgery seems so much closer related I believe. There is certain thing that some people are always aging as the time goes by even among celebrities. Those famous people may depend on mostly their career to the quality of appearance. It means if there is a reduction […]

Have you ever considered obtaining plastic surgery? In this modern life, you may recognize significantly that plastic surgery has become so much popular among the people out there. The purpose why people may conduct plastic surgery is to obtain significant enhancement to their appearance or else to make them look […]