There are rumors that said Tyra Banks has had a breast augmentation to make her breasts appear fuller. She denies it, saying that the increase in her bust size is due to her gaining weight. There were also similar rumors in the past. She proved it wrong at her television […]

The R&B singer Rihanna is a naturally gorgeous lady that is loved by a lot of people. In an interview, she stated that she wants to stay as natural as possible but a lot of people accuse her for having a nose job. This is something that will need to […]

Olivia Newton John, the beautiful singer that renewed with her song “Let’s Get Physical” in 1980. She is likely loved to plastic surgery under the knife. The Grammy Award-winning singer was 58 years old when she was rumored had plastic surgery. In 2005, Olivia Newton John had said that she […]

Megan Fox who had played in Transformer caught on camera when she is walking on MTV Video Music Awards. Megan Fox appears so beautiful with a few more tweaks than a new a shade of lipstick or a fab pair of Jimmy Choos. But the main point that made she […]

Jane Fonda, a beautiful and great actress that has got some Oscar and others nominations because of her achievement. In her 72 years old, Jane Fonda recently revealed on her blog that she had done some plastic surgery and make over her performance. It starts from new models of hairstyle […]

When promoted her latest film Madagascar 3, Jada Pinkett Smith caught on camera and she looks younger now. At this moment no one that had noticed her hip hops voice, but everyone notices her full face and appearance that looks so young. In her 40 years old, she looks have […]

Look carefully the comparison photos of Scarlett Johansson when she was a teenager and now when she is an adult. Do you can see the changes on the her nose? She seems to have done a nose job (rhinoplasty).  As a teenager Scarlett’s nose looks wide with a wide bridge […]

Halle Berry’s opinion about cosmetic surgery – plastic surgery which is specifically done to change one’s physical appearance to make it more appealing – is pretty unclear. On one hand, she is one of the people who believe that beauty is ever changing, thus cosmetic surgery is not needed. On […]

Nicki Minaj is a unique artist in her own way. She loves to change her appearance from time to time with various fashion items including the various wigs in various colors. This one artist is also the target of accusation from a lot of people who believe that she has […]

Recently in the bright and modern days, there are some people who think about having the plastic surgery for the obvious reason of enhancing their appearance. Some ended up with the best results while some ended up with the rather bad result. Ashlee Simpson is amongst the people who received […]