Being famous will mean that someone will somehow lose their privacy to some extents and Kristen Wiig has recently rumored to undergo the plastic surgery and to be exact, the rumor is referring to the possibility of rhinoplasty or the nose job. But is it true? Well, there will be […]

In 22 years old Lindsay Lohan make public shocked about her news. She reported has extremely relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson after has some relationship with many males in Hollywood. But when the relationship with her girlfriends is gone, she made some changes to her appearance. She reported having some […]

Lea Michele, a beautiful singer that against a plastic surgery. When she asked about plastic surgery, she didn’t think to do it. She told that when on the first carrier in entertain the world, she encouraged to have some nose job (rhinoplasty). But Lea Michele relieved that she never does […]

Joanne Stefani Germanotta, that renowned with Lady Gaga is sensational singer that has many fans around the world. Lady Gaga often shows off the beauty of her body by wearing a sexy costume when on stage. Like some time ago when she was caught off camera wears sexy black costume […]

Laura Elizabeth, the beautiful girl that renewed as Blair Fowler was born on 1st April 1993 in Augusta, Georgia. Blair Fowler is the sister of Elle Fowler. Blair became popular when she uploaded videos on YouTube and watched by 224 million. Blair uploaded videos about beauty, fashion, decor, health, and […]

When comparing two photos of Angelina Jolie, we will look that there was a change about her nose. Her nose looks slightly tweaked now, it is indicated that she had a nose job. When ask about this news, she strongly denied that she had a rhinoplasty. She told that she hasn’t […]

As an Oscar winner and celebrity Goldie Hawn should keep her best appearances. In her 66 years old she still looks beautiful and fresh, like usual. And even when compared to her daughter, she still looks hot. It seems she has had hard work to maintain her best appearances, maybe plastic […]

The beautiful actress Christina Hendricks is a sexy woman with big boob. When she was 36 years old, she reported has had breast augmentation. But, she denied that she has had plastic surgery like breast augmentation. She told that her boob is natural, not touch by plastic surgery. The different […]

Look younger and always look fresh is the dream of many people, especially those who work in the entertainment world. As a celebrity they are required to have a good and attractive appearance. So it is natural that many of these celebrities doing a variety of ways to get the […]

The beautiful actress Alyson Hannigan has become more popular for her role as Willow Rosenberg. When played in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, Alyson Hannigan looks so beautiful and her beauty still appears in herself until her earlier 40s age. The star that was born in Washington DC rumor has had […]