Sacramento News & Review – 15 Minutes: Lady Charmaine, on-air charmer – 15 Minutes – Opinions

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What denomination?

Nondenominational Christian. Denominations separate and divide the church the same way as if someone said are you black or are you white or are you Mexican. I’m a human being! We’re all children of God. We’re all in the same family.

What inspired you to start an internet radio station in 2011?

I was leaving work, walking to my car and heard a voice say, “Start your own internet radio station.” I went online to find out how to start and what equipment to buy. There wasn’t much information available. There is now, but there wasn’t then. I spent many days and nights trying to figure it out.

You’re known for reporting celebrity gossip—on “Hot Topics”—but your show covers a lot of other ground.

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