Sacramento News & Review – 15 Minutes: Lady Charmaine, on-air charmer – 15 Minutes – Opinions

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You’ve also been on the Tyra Banks Show?

Yes! I wanted to take my mom to a TV show taping so I took her to the Tyra Banks Show. My mom and I were waiting in the audience holding area and I was just being me, talking to the people around me. I saw these two people a few feet away staring at me. They asked to talk to me and said, “We’ve been watching you. We’ve noticed that when you talk people gravitate toward you. Would you like to be on the show?”

So you were an audience member, and then plucked from the crowd to appear on the show?

Yes. The same thing happened on Steve Harvey. I went to watch his first show and was picked by the producers to be a contestant for a game on his show. I was also on The Talk.

The Talk on CBS? Were you a guest?

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