Singer Jennifer Lopez Before and After Plastic Surgery

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By observing at singer Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery before and after picture that widely spreading on the internet, there you see how drastically she has been changed. Even though Jennifer Lopez never admits, even arguing about plastic surgery rumor especially her before and after picture, but the fact and her face revealed everything. 43 years old singer Jennifer Lopez  who well known with  her mega album J to tha L–O! The Remixes was accused has various plastic  surgery procedure. And by looking at Jennifer Lopez before and after plastic surgery picture, this woman was accused has undergone plastic surgery for the nose job, liposuction and lip reduction. She may also face the hair loss problem regarding her forehead that looks wider than before. But until now Jennifer Lopez still against about plastic surgery rumor no matter how her before and after picture has revealed everything.

Jennifer Lopez Nose Job

The first allegation that we can conclude after comparing Jennifer Lopez before and  after picture is she ay has nose reconstruction from Rhinoplasty done. Beck then, before being a celebrity, Jennifer Lopez has kind of piggy nose with the ice nasal board, flatten in the nasal bridge and quite wider on the nostril area. Overall, Jennifer Lopez nose looks not as sharp as today or probably after the plastic surgery for the rhinoplasty has had done. And after that procedure, we can see how protruding and pronounced her nose than before. Jennifer Lopez nose looks shorter, but very sharp, well defined, sculptured and pointed at the tip. The nasal board looks more subtle and cramped creating pointed tip with straighter a higher nasal bridge that make Jennifer Lopez new nose looks very pinched and seems too perfect to be real. Even she doesn’t admit it, Plastic surgeon Dr Sherrell J Aston seems doubtful Jennifer Lopez’s plastic surgery denial. By comparing her before and after picture, the doctor agrees that Jennifer Lopez may have Rhinoplasty to make her nose looks well mended. Dr. Aston also added that despite rhinoplasty she ay has a breast implant, Blepharoplasty or cheek augmentation too. But even though Jennifer Lopez has various multiple plastic surgery, the doctor aid that she still looks good and seems not overdone it.

Jennifer Lopez liposuction

The rumor that Jennifer Lopez has liposuction is spreading after she is giving birth her twins Maximilian David and Emme Maribel in last 2008. People believed that Jennifer Lopez probably has conducted mommy make over especially for the liposuction procedure. By comparing her before and after pregnancy picture, you may notice that it’s likely that Jennifer Lopez already loosing her weight so quickly. Even Jennifer Lopez has denied this rumor by saying she is soon back to hard exercise and straight diet right after giving birth the town, but it’s likely she was loosing the weight so instantly. Media journalist supposed to Jennifer Lopez has conducted liposuction for the hips, butt, inner and outer thighs and probably in the arm area too. She may conduct smart laser Lipo that wasn’t leaving any significant scars in one’s body. Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden has a different opinion about this condition. She said that  Jennifer Lopez may tell the truth about strict diets and hard exercise. Yet she is always carrying the twins by herself everywhere she goes. But if somebody has twin pregnancy like  Jennifer Lopez, the stretched skin especially on the abdomen will leave slacked skin and saggy tummy. The doctor suggests that tummy tuck probably another best plastic surgery procedure that can take by  Jennifer Lopez for her mommy make over procedure.

I would love to say that Jennifer Lopez before and after plastic surgery condition is quite shocking. The phrase money can buy beauty seems woks in Jennifer Lopez case. Even though plastic surgery shouldn’t change someone entirely, I think yeah, I should admits that Jennifer Lopez is much better after the procedure done compared than before.

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