Katherine Streeter for NPR Katherine Streeter for NPR It’s long been known that hormonal contraception, like any medicine, carries some risks. But doctors and women have hoped that the newer generations of low-dose contraceptive pills, IUDs and implants eliminated the breast cancer risk of earlier, higher-dose formulations. Now a big […]

Lindsey Hubley thought the delivery of her first child was problem-free.   The mother and her fiance Mike Sampson were given the all-clear to bring their son Myles home a couple days after he was born.   But the 33-year-old was rushed back with abdominal pain and skin discoloration. She needed […]

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re in the bathroom, sitting and waiting for the longest three minutes of your life to pass. You’ve just taken a pregnancy test. Why? Because you’ve missed your period, you’re nauseous, your boobs feel like you’ve been smacking ‘em around all night, and you’re […]