Simone Messmer was 19 the first time she used cocaine. She was at another company’s gala when someone pulled out a bag of the white powder. There, at the coat check counter, party guests took turns snorting the drug. “I was hesitant, but at the time I was willing to […]

On Friday BalletForte, a nonprofit ballet company in Fort Bend County, will present its 22nd annual performance of “The Nutcracker,” which, by the way, will feature more than 100 local dancers, some of whom are from right here in our community. For 14-year-old Dylin Waldorf, being included in this year’s […]

But the difference between the items of the Ailey repertory, other than “Revelations” itself, matters much less. Each work has its own character: Very few are worth revisiting for their own sakes. Photo Akua Noni Parker and Jermaine Terry in the “Fix Me, Jesus” section of Ailey’s “Revelations.” Credit Andrea […]

Being a dancer is more than just lacing up shoes and learning some moves. It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and commitment. It’s a concept that Bess Chambliss and her students at the Golden Isles Ballet Co. in downtown Brunswick understand well. Collectively, the group puts in countless hours […]

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Everything is gone. What was once Studio III Dance and Tumbling Academy in Casey, Illinois is now just burnt metal and ash. Studio Director Samantha Fisher got the news the building was up in flames before six Tuesday morning. According to local fire authorities, the […]

Camille A. Brown is a storyteller. She speaks in many tongues: social dance, modern dance, clarinet, TED Talks, lectures, stage directions … the list goes on. But whatever languages she draws from, Brown’s art makes audiences want to listen. On her way to rehearsal for the new musical she is […]

JS School of Dance was well-represented on the stage this past summer at the World Championships, as well as the Canadian Highland Dancing Championships held in Prince Edward Island. As Samantha Barrow was competing in the World Championship, her sister Alyssa Barrow had the opportunity to perform in the prestigious […]

The stage was decked up in style and the dancers did their best to match that grandeur at this year’s Parampara Dance Festival. The ten-day-long event almost looked like a celebration of Bharatanatyam, with eight performances in the genre, starting with Dakshina Vaidyanathan on the opening day. Dakshina wasn’t quite […]