James Harden is known for his basketball skills. He has played for the the Oklahoma City Thunder and is currently playing for the Houston Rockets. Some say he is famous for his beard but others prefer to pay attention to his misaligned teeth. Today, we let sports websites do on-the-court […]

Elizabeth Perkins called out the actor James Woods yesterday, holding a sign bearing the words “James Woods #MeToo” as she joined a march designed to raise awareness of sexual assault and sexual harassment, and to demonstrate solidarity with the victims. It is not clear if Perkins is accusing Woods of […]

(Getty Images) Celebrities are reacting on Twitter to the Los Angeles Times article detailing a number of sexual harassment allegations against screenwriter and director James Toback. See stars’ reaction tweets below. According to the scathing report, which was published Sunday morning, more than 30 women have come forward to accuse […]