The latest trend in plastic surgery is exactly the opposite of what you would expect

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Women are ex-ing the implants for a number of reasons including: shifting body image trends, health concerns and more natural alternatives. Like with fashion, technology or anything else, body image goes through phases and trends. Ten years ago, a woman’s ‘ideal body’ (cue eye-roll) included large breasts. Now, with our culture’s emphasis on clean living and healthy eating, the ‘ideal body’ (another eye-roll) is trending toward a more athletic build, including a smaller chest.

‘I was finding that my implants were getting in the way of my golf swing,’ Cheri Edwards, who had her implants removed eight months ago, told CTV, ‘Laying on my chest in yoga, I was feeling I had to prop myself up … I feel totally healthier. I feel lighter on top. I feel lighter in weight … I feel smaller is actually beautiful and sexy and that’s really why I did it.’ It should be noted that whatever body you have is the ‘ideal body’ for you. There will be no body-shaming here.

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