Tom Cruise Before and After Plastic Surgery

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Being good looking men makes actor Tom Cruise hardly separated from plastic surgery rumor, moreover since his before and after photos said so. Media journalist reported that Tom Cruise has drastic changed appearance before and after his name widely heard. Actor Tom Cruise may hasn’t admitted about plastic surgery rumor especially his before and after picture. But showing the drastic and dramatically changing on his appearance, no wonder people then accused this 50 year old man has conducted plastic surgery done. Tom Cruise who has gained international recognition for playing at Top Gun and Mission Impossible was accused has a nose job (rhinoplasty), liposuction, and probably skin treatment through laser and filler injection that obviously looked at his before and after picture. Rumor has it that Tom Cruise has repeated plastic surgery again since he is dating and marrying a younger woman, Katie Holmes. After that Tom Cruise before and after plastic surgery picture being a public consumption even though he just remains silent bout it.

Tom Cruise Nose

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
The most outstanding plastic surgery picture that Tom Cruise probably has taken by observing his before and after picture is Rhinoplasty or nose job. It’s probably in his old and recent picture, both the nose shape or size a quite different and showing the indication of drastic reformed. People believe that there are significant differences in Tom Cruise’s nose before he is getting famous and after he get widely recognition. It was believed that before plastic surgery, he has big, wide of kind of piggy nose. Before getting famous, Tom Cruise’s nose looks a bit wider and larger on the nasal board, bigger to the nostril but bit flattens on the bridge. And recently or after the nose job has performed, Tom Cruise’s nose looks pinched yet narrowed and shorter. The tip looks more pointed mixed with a higher nasal bridge that make the Tom Cruise’s nose looks sharper compared than before. Even though it looks good on him, in some occasions people still noticed that in the tip area looks slightly tilted to the side that creating bit asymmetric looks at his face. Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia write on his blog that Tom Cruise probably not only has once plastic surgery for the nose job. The doctor believes that he has performed it at least two times regarding how different and changed his before and after plastic surgery picture.

After observed  Tom Cruise before and after photos, a Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer believe that this man as conducted plastic surgery for the Liposuction. The doctor believes that Tom Cruise probably conducted Liposuction for the filming Mission Impossible 4: the Ghost Protocol at last 2011. The doctor believed that even though Tom Cruise blessed with fine body, but age has made some parts of his body getting slacked down and saggy.  But in last 2011, Tom Cruise seems returning his fined elastic body through liposuction especially on the hips and stomach area. The doctor even believed that Tom Cruise before and after picture showing the indication this man has conducted Liposuction years ago to build his toned abdomen.

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery

Skin treatment
It was revealed that Tom Cruise is probably has skin treatment or have had cosmetic dentistry regarding how youthful his appearance nowadays. It can be understood by looking at his appearance that quite ageless and sty youthful even though he is already 50. Some people say this man may conduct laser treatment for skin rejuvenated to stay young and ageless and boost his confidence since his wife is younger than he is. By Tom Cruise before and after plastic surgery picture, people accused this man has laser treatment like Fraxel or CoolTouch and skin rejuvenated like Juvederm or Restylane for the skin rejuvenated. Those procedures make Tom Cruise stay ageless and good looking till today but still aging naturally.

I personally would love to say that Tom Cruise is really brilliant actor that also blessed with the good looking appearance. And since his before and after picture that widely spreading on the internet, it’s revealed that even men like Tom Cruise also feel insecure too about his appearance.

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