Too Early Plastic Surgery for Actress Miley Cyrus

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Since she is still 20, I would love to say that its too early for actress Miley Cyrus to conducted plastic surgery. But its likely that even she is still very young, Miley Cyrus may has conducted plastic surgery procedure. I hope I was wrong and it just rumor who tries to bad mouther her sinceĀ  thought that Miley Cyrus is still too young to performed it. Miley Cyrus who gained international recognition since portrayed Hannah Montana character in Disney Chanel sitcom seems has transformed from cute teen girl into sexy mature woman. Miley Cyrus herself was accused has various procedures of plastic surgery like veneer, breast implant or nose job. Miley Cyrus herself denies every plastic surgery rumor that was accused to her. Since she was still underage at that time, Miley Cyrus added that she didn’t need it for now on but she won’t promise it in the future. And I hope Miley Cyrus is telling the truth since plastic surgery seems to early for this 20 years old young lady.

Miley Cyrus Breast

Breast Implant
Recently, Miley Cyrus as accused has conducted plastic surgery for breast implant. People said that Miley Cyrus may has breast implant when she is still 18. For me, 18 isĀ  still underage but I don’t know much about it in America culture. But among those all, I still thinking that Miley Cyrus is still very young and too early for the plastic surgery especially for the breast implant. She is still growing especially in the chest area and Miley Cyrus won’t see the significant result now. Even it hard to believe, but I should admits that Miley Cyrus breast looks much bigger, protruding, though and up compared than before. This condition triggering pros and cons among some experts. Plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer tells Make Me Heal that its impossible for Miley Cyrus to conducted plastic surgery for breast implant. Since she is still underage to got it, its likely that she just gaining some weight plus the push up bra gave so much benefit on this young lady chest. This push up bra seems help to support Miley Cyrus breast so it looks up and though. Even different opinion was delivered by plastic surgeon Dr. John DI Saia. He said that Miley Cyrus slightly showing the indication of breast implant that also supported with the water bra as well.

If you ever noticed that Miley Cyrus smile is quite a little bit brighter than before. There is a speculation this young woman has conducted Venenr procedure. Media journalist also added that Miley Cyrus teeth looks straighter in the front of compared than before. California dentist Michael D. Kosdon, D.D.S. Said that its true that Miley Cyrus may has veneer porcelain especially in the teeth front part. The doctor says that Miley Cyrus looks good and her teeth looks whiter and brighter with this procedure.

Miley Cyrus Nose Job

Nose Job
Despite breast implant, there is a rumor that Miley Cyrus may has put herself under the knife to performed nose job or rhinoplasty. People said that compared than before, Miley Cyrus nose looks shorter, pinched and higher on the bridge. At the past she well known with her cute piggy nose and quite wide on the nasal board. And now it has changed into something pinched, smaller and thinner with cramped board and more pointed on the tip. This speculation was debated by Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer and a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Paul A. Nassif. Both the doctor agrees that Miley Cyrus has no benefit from Rhinoplasty done and yet her nose is still looks very natural. Her body is just developed yet the photography and make up creating an different effect at her nose region.

Well, I hope that Miley Cyrus plastic surgery is kind of nonsense rumor for haters ho trying to bad mouthed her. I mean, come on,,,, she is still too young and early to performed it. Miley Cyrus is natural beauty with or without plastic surgery and she didn’t need any procedure since she is still developed and may not get much benefit if she conducted it now.

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